I had to look back through this blog to see what I thought of Twitter last year. This post from August 2008, only 9 months ago, said:

Twitter is something I can see great value in, but like a few other 2.0 tools, I have yet to regularly find either a personal or professional use for it. I’m still searching for the right ‘voice’ to use for microblogging – both in tone and content.

As a result of that discovery exercise in the SLJ All Together Now learning 2.0 program, I made a concerted effort to get more value out of Twitter.  I followed more people (and checked who they followed) and I tried to tweet more often. In a very short time I was able to connect with a community of like-minded people who work in similar fields to me, or who write / comment about issues I am interested in. I found Twitter to be an invaluable work tool which has kept me informed, answered my questions and brightened my day with odd or funny tweets on more that one occasion. 

My next challenge is how to use Twitter in a work context,  for internal staff communication and for communication with external library customers. I have a few ideas, but in the spirit of Learning 2.0, I will be leaving it to the rest of my colleagues taking part in CityLibrariesLearning to come up with ideas and strategies on how to best use Twitter.