Photo by Ben Spark

Photo by Ben Spark

Well it’s time to dust of the learning blog again and track my progress in a new Learning 2.0 adventure.

What’s different for me this time is that I’m running the program! That doesn’t mean I’m suddenly an expert and can teach others about emerging technology – far from it. I have learnt more than ever in the last few weeks and months as this project has come together.

The place where I work (CityLibraries Townsville) launched CityLibrariesLearning – discover*play*connect yesterday.

I am keen to blog my progress as I learn lots of new things throughout this program.

So far I havee explored a lot more features on WordPress, I have edited videos using Windows Movie Maker, converted the file format of those videos, I have uploaded videos to YouTube and embedded those videos on the learning blog – all new things for me. What continues to amaze me is that I used the “help” pages of these tools only a few times. These online tools are so very easy to use – you just have to follow the steps and instructions and in no time you havea blog with fully-functioning videos!

On top of the Learning 2.0 program is another exciting project. Dr Michael Stephens has been appointed the 2009 CAVAL Visiting Scholar and his research project investigating the effectiveness of learning 2.0 programs will be using our program as a case study. More details about the research project can be found on my other blog and Michael’s Tame the Web blog here and here. So as part of that project, I have learnt a lot about academic research, online surveys, and how to communicate effectively with someone on the other side of the world using email, instant messaging and Skype.