Well, I managed to finish, and not too long after the end of the program. It has been and interesting and rewarding journey. Here are some random thoughts about the program:

  • Taking a quick scan of the participants blogs at the Netvibes page, there seemed to be quite a few blogs that didn’t add any posts after the first one or two things, a few more blogs that seemed to stop around thing 4 or 5, and a few others that seem to still be going strong. I wonder if 6 things at a time would be a good format, done 3 or 4 times a year?
  • It was great to ‘meet’ a few new people, and re-establish contact with people I’ve met before.
  • I’ve used new tools (am liking wordpress…..may just change my main blog over to here…) and have a few other tools on my “to do” list to try out sometime
  • It was great to see some genuine newbies learn about 2.0 stuff for the first time, and to see how easy it was for them
  • One thing that stood out for me was the ‘noise’ from multiple channels – how do I keep track of, or contact someone – through commenting on their blog, through Flickr mail, through Twitter etc etc. Still working through that one…

Overall it was fun, very interesting, and the whole program was delivered with professionalism and generosity by Michael. Thank you SLJ and Michael!!