There has been a couple of posts and comments (here and here) about keeping up with all of the great information coming into your reader via RSS.

The best way I can think of managing this information is to look at it like your favourite daily newspaper. I get my local newspaper delivered – on busy days, I try to scan the first few pages for significant stories, a quick scan of the letters to the editor, then I jump to the cartoons and the back page sports stories. If I have more time, I tend to read most of the news stories, some of the letters, maybe the editorial and some more sports stories. When I have all the time in the world, I scan the classifieds, public notices, and a few other minor sections.

My RSS feeds are the same. On a busy day, I find time to check my favourite 3 to 5 feeds. On average days I’ll scan about 15 to 20 others, and on lazy Friday afternoons, or when I have 10 minutes to fill before a meeting etc, I’ll scan the rest of my feeds (currently 159).