I’ve been reading about Learning 2.0 programs for a while, so when the chance to join a program came along I grabbed it! I am very excited to be part of what looks to be a global program.

About me: My name is Warren Cheetham and I work in a public library (Thuringowa Branch of CitiLibraries Townsville) in North Queensland, Australia. I look after all of the technology ‘stuff’ for our library. I have worked mainly in public libraries, and I am very interested to see how the development of web 2.0 tools has enabled people to use and re-use information in completely new ways. I am fascinated and excited about the implications this has for libraries.

I’ve blogged before and played with some other online tools like Flickr, but I am very aware of all the things I don’t know about, which is why I’ve joined this program. For instance, I’ve never used WordPress before, and here I am using it and learning about all the features it has.

I hope to learn heaps, to have fun trying, to ‘meet’ some new colleagues, and to share what I learn with the people I work with here.